Pokemon Stranded Wrong Save Type

Pokemon Stranded Wrong Save Type. When entering the west gearen sewers, towards the beginning after you meet volta and her group, erick tells you to sneak towards the stairs but as soon as you hit the stairs and volta comes out to distract the garbodor it gets stuck on that screen and you cant do anything. *note* i am using the cia gba injector thingy.

I decided to be a Pikachu today... [xpost from f/pokemon] motorcyclesI decided to be a Pikachu today... [xpost from f/pokemon] motorcycles
I decided to be a Pikachu today… [xpost from f/pokemon] motorcycles from www.reddit.com

Main must be in that folder. I'm downloading.sps files from this site (savegames) to use on my visualboy advance and the savegames don't seem to work, and i read in a. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Dranged, What I Did Was Take The New Save Json File Found In The New Numbered Folder And Move It Back In To The Data Folder And Rename It Save.

Hi all, today i loaded my pokemon unbound file. So i'm trying to inject pokemon unbound into my 3ds using nsui. To reproduce steps to reproduce the behavior:

I Am An Idiot And As Such, I Don't Know How To Switch The Flash 64K Thing To Flash 128K Or Whatever.

Nvidia geforce gtx 770 950 mhz 2048 mo. Screenshots if applicable, add screenshots to help. Dude you’re a life saver!

However, As I Loaded My Save, It Said It Is Corrupt, And It Would Load A Previous Save File.

From the new folder open the emulator, load the rom (file > open >.gba extension) and load the last saved game (file > load >.sgm extension) to. Change the save type in your emulator settings to 128k. Also, you need to turn on real time clock.

Fix The Save Problem (This Is Valid For All Pokemon Games, In Every Languages) The First Save Problem Is You Can't Save On A Pokémon Game In Cia.

It goes to the title screen then it asks if i want to skip cutscenes and doesn't let me go further. Other thing it says when i set. When using other settings it works fine.

Every Time I Launch The Game, I Still Have To Start A New Game And Exit Before I Can Load That Saved One, But Once The Game Is Up.

But when i try to save the game, but it either says you must set it to 4k save emulation and rants on how its set in vba i am using the cia version. The mod i'm using is pokemon sacred sword. It was incorrectly named.) 2.

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